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Who is Joe?

Joe Jonas was born Joseph Adam Jonas in
Casa Grande, Arizona, on August 15, 1989.
Joe rose to fame as a member of the boy band
the Jonas Brothers, and has gone on to appear
in Disney Channel original movies and
guest-star on television.
Joseph’s original plan, before becoming a singer,
was slightly different than his brothers. He first
dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to
audition for sketch comedy shows, but he was
always attached to music and loved listening to
different kinds of music, especially rock. In his
spare time he enjoys jogging and working out.
His favorite color is blue, and some of Joe’s
favorite foods are Chicken cutlet sandwiches
with mayo, and Chocolate marshmallow ice cream.
His favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber, and
he enjoys the sport Wiffel Ball.

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Fan of the Month

Name: Stefy • Age: 18 • Country: Argentina

Why are you a Joe Jonas fan? Many people don't
know him, speak ill of him and invent bad name but
the truth is... He's great. He's a fun, kind, friendly
and humble person. Joe worked hard for everything
he has and he deserves it. I'll be honest, he's very
talented and I like the way he sings, I like his songs,
but I'm not a fan of his music but him as a person.
I don't know if Joe inspires people, I just know that
he inspires me and beyond all, I'm proud to have
heard of him seven years ago, 'cause ever since my
life has changed. I never met him but I went to some
of his concerts and I tried to do everything to meet
him, I never before used to talk to strangers or risk
everything. I don't know why but I thought if I helped
others and if I did good deeds, I would meet him.
Honestly, I don't know why I thought that but now,
I'm very thankful, because I'm different, I'm a better
person because of him. The way in which he didn't
surrender, inspired me. The way he has courage to
go on, gave me courage. He should not change, and
he has not to pretend to be someone else, because
Joe is amazing just the way he is. JOE, BE HAPPY.

Why do you wanna be the Fan of the Month? I have
so many reasons, but I prefer to start from the
beginning. I saw Joe on TV for the first time seven
years ago. I remember I saw on TV a video called
“Kids of the future” by a new band called ‘Jonas
Brothers’ and I just asked me: ‘Who are they?’.
As time went on... Read full story>>
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06/8/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

Interview: Joe Jonas previews Delaware visit


Seven months after splitting up, is the JoBros mojo finally drying up?

In the wake of the Grammy-nominated teen pop act’s break-up, all eyes have been on the trio of Jonas Brothers for their next move.

Well, if the fate of Sunday’s interactive fan show “Off the Record with Kevin and Joe Jonas” in Wilmington is any indication, it might be a rocky road for some.

Kevin and Joe Jonas’ Delaware show was announced in April as part of a limited three-date weekend chat tour for hardcore Jonas Brothers fans that will kick off Friday in Freehold, N.J. and continue at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pa. Saturday night.

But earlier this week, just days before two-thirds of the Jonas Brothers were set to bring “Off the Record” to the 1,200-seat Grand on Market Street, the show was moved to the 300-seat baby grand instead and declared a sell out.

“We moved it to give the fans a more intimate experience since the goal of this event is to get up close and personal,” according to AEG Live, the show’s promoter. Tickets for the show started at $40 and reached $120 for a VIP meet-and-greet package.

In the break-up aftermath, we learned that youngest brother Nick Jonas initiated the split and it’s understandable why. Not only does he have a film, “Careful What You Wish For,” expected to be released later this year, but he will also co-star in the new DirecTV drama series “Navy St.” In addition, he’ll appear again on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0″ and has a promising solo musical career ahead of him.

Before “Off the Record” was moved to a venue a quarter the size of The Grand, Joe Jonas talked to The News Journal about the tour and life post-Jonas Brothers.

With Kevin Jonas’ E! reality show “Married to Jonas” on hiatus, he was offered a speaking engagement that soon involved Joe and turned into this show, which will feature a Q&A, never-before-seen video footage and behind-the-scenes stories about their years as Disney stars and members of the monster teen musical act.

Actor and Jonas friend Rob McClure, who starred as Charlie Chaplin in “Chaplin: The Musical” on Broadway in 2012, will be on stage and moderate.

“We’re pretty excited. We’ve come up with something a little different that’s more like a variety show,” says Joe Jonas, 24, who lives in Los Angeles. “It’s a way for us to tell an audience some stories and hopefully get a lot of laughs.”

Before his baby grand Q&A, The News Journal had some questions for Joe Jonas first, starting with what life was like when the Jonas Brothers mania was at its height with screaming teenagers everywhere they went.

In those early years when you guys were young and before you really hit it big, did you dream about what it would be like to be a big star? And did it match up once you were in one of the biggest musical groups around?

Growing up, we had a pretty normal childhood and then we became teenagers and went into the band. If I have a day off now, it’s very exciting. But it was surreal. We would do multiple countries in a day. Crazy, crazy stuff — and doing it while we were young.

There have been plenty of young musical idols before your band, but guys like Elvis and The Beatles weren’t doing it in a TMZ/tabloid world filled with iPhones. How did you navigate through that?

It’s out of your control. You just have to accept it and realize people will say what they want to say. There are going to be people who feel 10-foot tall behind a computer somewhere in the world. Lionel Ritchie had a great quote about his daughter [Nicole] in her party days, saying something like, “If people could see what I was up to at her age, they would think what she is doing now is nothing.” For the most part things are blown out of proportion, but there are a few out there who make choices that are pretty terrible regardless of when they made them.

Is this new event with your brother a situation where where you two go to Nick and ask him if he wants to do it if he’s not busy?

Nick’s busy right now shooting a new TV show, but it kind of actually makes it more fun for comedic reasons. It will be interesting. We’ve come up with a few fun little schticks for the show.

Is that because after you broke up everyone is wondering what the relationship is like and whether you two still buddies with him? You’ll be playing with all the rumors and innuendo?

Yeah. It’s a bit of a different situation for us. Being a family in a band makes it a little bit easier. It can make it a little bit more difficult, I guess, to be cool with each other. But we’re actually really happy for each other. After 10 years of doing something together, eventually it’s going to get to you. We’re thrilled now that we all have our individual separate careers that we’re focusing on.

For this “Off the Record” show, do you and Kevin sit down and hash out some fun memories and stories to tell or are you just going to go up there and let it fly?

A lot of it is going to be improvised, but we did get together to game plan this. I met a fan out on the street yesterday and she asked me what to expect. She asked if she was going to cry during it. It told her, “I hope not unless you’re crying from laughter.” That’s our goal. We’re not trying to make this too heartfelt like we are talking things out or anything like that.

When you got up with Kevin to talk about this tour, did any stories pop out that you thought we definitely have to include this in the show?

We have a lot of stuff we can talk about. We want to show pictures, break it down and talk about what we were thinking, whether it’s funny or serious.

Can you give me an example?

Playing Madison Square Garden three times sold out or performing at The White House for the president. Actually, a few former presidents were there, too. It’s those surreal moments that hopefully I get to do again. If not, I’m still very pleased I got to do them.

At that age are you able to absorb the enormity of what’s happening? Or are you on such a fast track that you’re not able to take it in the way you would now?

I think what you appreciate and what you like changes over time. So being at The White House now, I’d probably be more interested. But sometimes it was just so exhausting and you’d have to make decisions like, “Would you rather sleep right now or go see the Eiffel Tower for the first time?”

Are these three dates it or are you going to see how these go and maybe do it want to do it on a bigger scale?

We both have quite a bit of stuff going on and this is something that just kind of happened on the side of everything else. This is not necessarily something that we’ve decided we are doing from now on, but if people want more, then maybe we’ll try to do some different cities.

I know there have been plenty of screaming fans at Jonas Brothers shows over the years. Do you think you’ll be able to have a normal conversation with your fans at these shows?

The first show will be a tell tale sign of what it’s going to be like, but I think it will go over smoothly. I think people know what to expect — it’s not a concert.


06/8/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

Jonas Brothers Kevin and Joe decide it’s time to talk


The difficulty with interviewing Kevin Jonas, eldest brother of hit 2000s boy band The Jonas Brothers, about a speaking tour in which he and middle brother Joe will tell intimate stories about their lives is that he doesn’t want to give away the best moments of the show.

So, asked in a telephone call from his New Jersey home to, for example, recount The Jonas Brothers’ decision last October to cancel a comeback tour the day before it was to start and three weeks later to dissolve the band, Kevin says, “You’ll get to hear more about that story once you see us.”

Asked what it feels like these days after having been an the top of the music world, Jonas says, “That’s a little bit what we’re going to be talking about.”

Or asked why he and Joe decided to undertake a speaking tour, Kevin says, “We have a lot of stories that no one’s ever heard — a lot of things that people would definitely, I think, like to know how we responded to the things, how we got through those moments.” But he doesn’t share any.

What he does say is that when the brothers come Saturday to the Keswick Theatre in Glenside for the second of only three stops on the tour, it will be “an open opportunity for people to engage with us, talk to us about where we came from, how we got to where we were, where we’re going now – and really be interactive in a way and be a part of this part of our life.

“A lot of our fans and a lot of people who have always followed the Jonas Brothers may know a lot a lot about us, but never actually got to know the nitty-gritty, the deep-down, dirty details of things that sometimes our perspective on things that you never heard.”

For those who can’t wait, Kevin does reveal some things.

He says, for example, that people shouldn’t think that the reason youngest brother Nick isn’t part of the speaking tour is because he was the one who chafed at touring without new music, which led to the band’s demise.

“There’s no other reason than he is actually in the midst of filming a TV show,” Kevin says — a new, original-content cable show in which he has the lead.

“So he is actually in production, and me and Joe are both in transition and flying and traveling. I’m building a couple things of my own, which you’ll be hearing about. So is Joe. So we will be talking about those things, as well.”

Here’s what is best-known about the Jonas Brothers: The trio, then just ages 12 to 17 and living in New Jersey, were signed by the president of Sony Records, who heard a song written and sung by Nick, who by then had been on Broadway.

The group’s first album sold underwhelming numbers, and Sony released them. Disney’s Hollywood Records picked them up in 2007, and the group’s self-titled next disc went platinum, hit No. 5 on Billboard, and produced two Top 25 songs.

The Jonas Brothers’ sophomore disc, 2008’s “A Little Bit Longer,” also went platinum and topped the chart, with the Top 5 song “Burnin’ Up,” and the group became a bona fide boy band phenomenon. Disney gave the group its own TV show, and it toured constantly (setting an Allentown Fair box office record in 2009 for highest gate receipts).

It even had two Disney Channel “Camp Rock” movies and two theatrically released concert films — the second of which introduced current country phenom Taylor Swift, who was then dating Joe Jonas.

The group’s final disc, 2009’s “Lines, Vines & Trying Times,” also went platinum and hit No. 1, but failed to have a Top 30 hit and marked the decline of the Jonas Brothers’ popularity. The Disney show was canceled in 2010 and the group left Hollywood Records in 2012.

Nick and Joe Jonas both released solo albums, then Nick returned to acting, appearing on “Hawaii Five-O” and other TV shows. Kevin got married and starred in the E! Channel reality series “Married to Jonas.”

Last year’s tour was supposed to mark their return to music, starting at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby. Instead, the group announced on its website on Oct. 31 that, “It is with heavy hearts that we confirm that our time as the Jonas Brothers is over. … The time has come for us to move forward on individual career paths.”

“We decided to no longer make music together, so going on tour was probably not going to be the right choice,” Kevin says, laughing, in one of his few detailed responses.

We really wanted to become brothers again and not a band. The band, it was really ripping us apart and we were becoming no longer, we found, the kind of people we wanted to be. So we decided just to take a different route.”

Asked whether the Jonases ever will play music again, Kevin says, “Um, possibly. Maybe as individuals. I know Joe wants to, and is working on new music. I’m working on other things in a different direction. But you never know. There might be music from each one of us; it’s just not the time for us right now.

“For me, the music is not a high priority. But you never know what the future can hold.”



06/8/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

Jonas Brothers take entire crowd from Keswick Theatre out for ice cream


Two-thirds of boy band The Jonas Brothers apparently had such a good time with the audience at its speaking tour stop at the Keswick Theater in Glenside on Saturday that it didn’t want the night to end.

So it took the entire crowd out for ice cream afterward.

Brothers Kevin, left, and Joe Jonas at Keswick Theatre, before going out for ice cream

That’s right – after their 70-minute presentation of “Kevin and Joe Jonas: Off The Record,” the two told the crowd of something near 500 people to join them outside the theater, where a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck was waiting.

Not only that, but the brothers climbed inside the truck to serve the single-scoop dishes to those who joined them – which seemed to be everyone. It took nearly an hour to serve everyone.

Two night earlier, the audience at the tour’s first night at iPlay America in Freehold, N.J., might have had it even better. The Jonases served post-performance pizza slices to that audience.

The three-stop tour concludes tonight, June 8, at The Grand in Wilmington, Del. Wonder what they’ll serve there?

The mini-tour is a multi-media lecture presentation, with the Kevin Jonas, 26, and Joe, 24, talking about the group’s past, its time at the top of the music world as the platinum-selling Disney boy band, and the future. There are videos and even audience participation.

The Jonas Brothers have sold nearly 10 million albums since 2007, had three Top10 songs, had a hit Disney Channel TV show and two Disney Channel movies, and a hit theatrical-release concert film.



05/27/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

Joe in NYC

05/27/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

Joe & Kevin New York Scavenger Hunt



Joe Jonas revealed on Twitter: ‘Doing a Scavenger Hunt thru NYC with Kevin and Joe Jonas! Follow us for clues! First to find us gets Tickets to our show! #offtherecord @boopsy429: what a fun day it’s been! thanks for everything today.’ Joe’s Snapchat is and Kevin’s is kevinjonasii.





05/23/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

#OFFTHERECORD Joe & Kevin with fans




05/6/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Kevin

Joe & Kevin Jonas talk life after game


Joe told ET: ‘We hope that people will be really involved, have a lot of fun, kind of something that we get to do a lot more of. Hopefully I can do well speaking to an audience because you know, I’m so used to singing. It’ll be a little bit different.

Kevin: ‘This is more about telling our stories, where we came from, who we are, and where we’re headed.’ Joe: ‘We might have him send a video or Skype him in or something like that, but he’s been really busy with preparing for a TV show right now.

It’s a new show that’s going to be on DirecTV and he’s been getting jacked for it. He plays a fighter, so he’s been in the gym every single day, twice a day, eating more than you can imagine.’

On the record tickets info HERE!


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