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Who is Joe?

Joe Jonas was born Joseph Adam Jonas in
Casa Grande, Arizona, on August 15, 1989.
Joe rose to fame as a member of the boy band
the Jonas Brothers, and has gone on to appear
in Disney Channel original movies and
guest-star on television.
Joseph’s original plan, before becoming a singer,
was slightly different than his brothers. He first
dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to
audition for sketch comedy shows, but he was
always attached to music and loved listening to
different kinds of music, especially rock. In his
spare time he enjoys jogging and working out.
His favorite color is blue, and some of Joe’s
favorite foods are Chicken cutlet sandwiches
with mayo, and Chocolate marshmallow ice cream.
His favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber, and
he enjoys the sport Wiffel Ball.

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Fan of the Month

Name: Stefy • Age: 18 • Country: Argentina

Why are you a Joe Jonas fan? Many people don't
know him, speak ill of him and invent bad name but
the truth is... He's great. He's a fun, kind, friendly
and humble person. Joe worked hard for everything
he has and he deserves it. I'll be honest, he's very
talented and I like the way he sings, I like his songs,
but I'm not a fan of his music but him as a person.
I don't know if Joe inspires people, I just know that
he inspires me and beyond all, I'm proud to have
heard of him seven years ago, 'cause ever since my
life has changed. I never met him but I went to some
of his concerts and I tried to do everything to meet
him, I never before used to talk to strangers or risk
everything. I don't know why but I thought if I helped
others and if I did good deeds, I would meet him.
Honestly, I don't know why I thought that but now,
I'm very thankful, because I'm different, I'm a better
person because of him. The way in which he didn't
surrender, inspired me. The way he has courage to
go on, gave me courage. He should not change, and
he has not to pretend to be someone else, because
Joe is amazing just the way he is. JOE, BE HAPPY.

Why do you wanna be the Fan of the Month? I have
so many reasons, but I prefer to start from the
beginning. I saw Joe on TV for the first time seven
years ago. I remember I saw on TV a video called
“Kids of the future” by a new band called ‘Jonas
Brothers’ and I just asked me: ‘Who are they?’.
As time went on... Read full story>>
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02/4/14 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

Welcome Alena Rose Jonas!


03/22/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

Joe Jonas in Washington Square Park

03/8/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

Joe Jonas HQ

Hello! I’m Steffy and I’m the new webmiss :)

Thanks to Fan Sites Network (The best hosting) I adopted this awesome fan site!

The ex-Webmiss of this site did a great job!

Jen, I have always admired your work! You are the best! I love you so much! :)

08/26/11 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

Joe Jonas Reveals “Fast Life” Cover Art

Joe revealed his cover art for his solo album yesterday, making it a puzzle before you enter his site.

11/23/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

Oceans Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

The latest release from the people who brought you Earth, is an amazing treat, and one of the best displays of Blu-Ray possibilities you’re going to find. A somewhat more interesting endeavor frankly, mostly devoid of Earth’s agenda, Oceans takes you right into the action in ways that are often impossible to imagine.

While Earth took viewers on an adventure that was often beyond the realm of description, there is something even more compelling about the journey underwater. More than simply the unique and breathtaking features and facets of the world we know, Oceans takes you to the very heart of what is simply another world altogether.

Following the pattern of previous efforts, Oceans finds its focal points and takes us along to experience life as we never have before. Immersive in a sense that brings new meaning to the word, the film puts audiences right next to migrating whales and racing dolphins so clearly that it is hard to believe you aren’t surrounded by water.

This one is a treat for all ages, and the bonuses help make this something that you’ll go back to again and again. You get a nice collection of behind-the-scenes videos, and a great viewing option for the feature called Filmmaker Annotations, which doesn’t sound like much, but adds a great deal of interesting information. The Blu-Ray also features Living Menus, which may not sound like anything that really adds a lot of value, but is actually a wonderfully put together effort that lets you explore the world’s oceans with new videos.

Be sure to check out a collection of videos below.

From the same studio that brought you Disneynature Earth, the #1 theatrical nature film of 2009, comes Disneynature’s latest chronicle Disneynature OCEANS – an unprecedented, breathtaking journey deep into uncharted waters of the ocean uncovering the playful splendors and the harsh realities of the weird and wonderful creatures that live within. Disneynature OCEANS is a splendid high-definition film that places viewers in the heart of the action – racing with a school of tuna, leaping with dolphins and swimming shoulder-to-flipper with whales.

In addition to the film, the disc comes packed with numerous bonus features that include powerful behind-the-scenes footage, key interviews with the filmmakers, crew and industry experts, a “Make A Wave” Disney’s Friends for Change music video featuring Disney stars Joe Jonas and , a glance inside some of The Walt Disney Company’s conservation efforts, plus an exclusive BD-Live experience that allows Blu-ray Disc owners to explore the oceans of the world through an interactive globe.

Directed by Jacques Perrin (two-time Academy Award® nominee for Best Documentary, Features for in 2003; Best Picture for Z in 1970) and Jacques Cluzaud (Winged Migration, Les Ailes de la Nature), the two filmmakers venture in, on and around our seas to discover photogenic oddities and endangered wonders. The two directors capture mesmerizing footage using the most technologically-advanced equipment that has allowed them to bring the images alive in high-definition. Disneynature OCEANS is narrated by Pierce Brosnan (The Ghost Writer, Percy Jackson and the Olympians), who has long been affiliated with environmental causes and campaigns.

Special Features-
• “Make A Wave” Music Video – Disney’s Friends For Change music video featuring Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato.
• Disney & Nature: Preserving the World We Share – Viewers get a deeper look into the conservation projects around the world being sponsored by The Walt Disney Company.
• Deeper In The Ocean – 5 pods from the Blu-ray Living Menus and Filmmaker Annotations that go behind-the-scenes taking a deeper look at the filmmakers, locations and animals that make up Disneynature OCEANS.

Everything on the DVD, plus…
• Living Menus – Explore the oceans of the world on an interactive globe. Through BD-Live, new video pods and pop-up facts will be accessible as they become available, hosted by the world’s leading conservationists and the Disneynature OCEANS filmmakers.
• Filmmaker Annotations – This in-movie feature is a viewing mode that allows consumers to watch behind-the-scenes footage of the film being made and hear stories from the crew who spent several years making the film around the world.
Underwater Car Wash (Bonus)
Torpedo Camera (Bonus)

Win it!
Leave a comment at and you are automatically entered to win your very own copy of the Blu-Ray release. U.S. only. Winner will be randomly selected on December 10th.

07/16/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

I’m Raising Money for Special Olympics

Rachel McDonald sent me an e-mail today, she’s raising money for the Special Olympics and will be participating in the Joe Jonas 1k/5k Fun Run on September 18th. Read the e-mail below and if you’d like to help Rachel out in any way with fundraising, we will be greatly appreciated!


I’m raising funds for Special Olympics. Can I count on you to support me?

On September 18, 2010, I’ll be participating in the Joe Jonas 1k/5k Fun Run with all proceeds benefiting Special Olympics Northern California. My goal is to be one of the top fundraisers so I can get the chance to meet Joe Jonas!

The money raised from this event will go a long way to help Special Olympics continue to provide services to Special Olympics athletes for FREE. Over 13,000 athletes lives are changed because of their participation in Special Olympics because Special Olympics is training for life. Participants gain self-confidence and life skills that carry over into their every day lives, making them a contributing member in their community.

I want to make a difference. Can I count on you to help me? Whatever you can give will be very much appreciated as every penny counts.

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Special Olympics.

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Uncategorized

Happy Birthday Papa Jonas!

Today, the Jonas family, along with Jonas fans are celebrating Kevin Jonas, Sr.’s birthday! If you’re on twitter, the fans are trying to trend #HappyBirthdayPapaJ, so help us out!

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