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Name: Stefania • Age: 18 • Location: Argentina

I saw Joe on TV for the first time seven years ago.
I remember I saw on TV a video called “Kids of the
future” by a new band called ‘Jonas Brothers’ and
I just asked me: ‘Who are they?’. As time went on,
In 2008, I started creating blogs dedicated to them
and like all fans dream, I wanted to talk to them.
First, I looked for their phone numbers on internet,
of course, all were false. I remember I tried to call
them during classes at my school. Lol. Then I started
to search their emails on internet. I had about a
thousand contacts in my email account. I spent hours
and hours searching their emails but none was real,
none was of theirs. Unfortunately someone hacked my
email and I couldn’t continue my search. In 2009, the
Jonas Brothers visited my country, Argentina. I was
only 13 and I couldn’t travel alone from Rosario (my
hometown) to Buenos Aires and I also had no money.
A few months later, I joined a fan club for all Jonas
fans in Latin America and Spain (Spanish Speakers)
because I thought if I was part of a ‘fan club ‘staff’,
maybe, I could talk with them. So I spent all my
summer vacations, all day-every day, on my computer
because I just wanted to do a great work. Honestly,
I was promoted to be the admin of my state, to be
the vice-president of all the fan club! Unfortunately the
fan club was closed a few months later. In 2010, the
Jonas Brothers returned to Argentina on November.
I had no money to go to the concert so I had to make
a big desision and I decided to change my ”dreamy
15th birthday party”, just to go to the concert.
-November 13, 2010. A friend of mine and I, arrived
at 07:00 am to River Stadium. We were lining up early
because we wanted to go to the soundcheck. We talked
to a security guard and he told us 'yes', but then
he asked us for money and my friend didn’t accepted.
My hopes were not had gone because the concert had
even started. I saw how far we were from the stage
(we were in the 42 Row) so I made a plan and I told
my idea to all the fans who were around me. (When
they sang the second song, all the fans had to put
together to me and we had to go to forward and try
to pull the fence to get to the front row). We tried,
of course, but a security guard pushed me and all
the fans returned to their places. In 2011. In January,
I decided to create a fan club but this time, my own
fan club. I created the first fan club of Joe Jonas
in Argentina and then I created a web page for my
fan club, I remember it was one of the most important
Joe Jonas Team in the world. One day, I searched
‘Joe Jonas fan sites‘ on internet and I realized there
weren’t so many. So I decided to create fan sites
dedicated to Joe. A year later, I realized that I had
created a total of 18 fan sites! In 2013, the Jonas
Brothers returned to Argentina, but this time, they
played in two places! With a little luck and a lot of
hard work, I went to both concerts.
-March 02, 2013. My mom took me to the concert.
I remember it was a rainy night Friday and… my mom
is afraid of storms. The bus in which we were traveling
began to lose water so we had to wait a new one.
Me, my mom and some other passengers, were in the
middle of the route at 03:00 AM waiting for a new bus
which doesn’t lose water. It was very cold! I couldn’t
stop shaking because I forgot my jacket. What could
be worse? Started to rain again. Then, the new bus
arrived and the passengers began to sit on empty bus’
seats but when was our turn, the bus was already full!
So we had to return to the bus which lost water,
fortunately the driver told us all that we must seat
in the front seats (which didn’t lose water) and
everything seemed fine! We continue traveling. Later,
a man started to feel sick and the driver had to go
to the nearest hospital. We had to wait about 1 hour
until the man felt better and then, we continue
traveling but… the bus began to drive faster, faster
and faster to recover the time we lost but… it was
night and it was raining hard! And my mom didn’t stop
saying to me: ”If something happens, it will be your
fault”… ”If something happens, it will be your fault”…
I just wanted to make my dream come true, I never
wanted that all that happened. And I thought: “No, it
can’t be the end. God, please, it can’t end this way!”
Then I said, “Now I’m going to sleep and I’ll wake up
where I have to wake up”. Then… Read full story>>

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08/17/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Nick

Jonas Brothers Reuniting After Three Years for One-Night-Only Concert!



After a three year break, Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas are set to rock NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on Oct. 11 for a one-night-only concert.
“The announcement is exciting, but at the same time, it’s the only known concert right now in the U.S. for the Jonas Brothers this year,” Kevin told us while promoting his new E! show Married to Jonas. “We’re trying to make it a big coming-home blowout.”
The Jo Bros. will be performing their hits and also premiering new music from their upcoming album, which they hope to have out before the end of the year.
“We are in the studio and we’re doing a lot of work right now just hoping for the best,” Kevin said. “The music is a change, its growing. It’s constantly changing and it’s kind of surprising how much we’re taking the journey of it all. I’m kind of excited.”
And it sounds like their Oct. 11 gig won’t be the Jo Bros only performance in the near future. Joe says we might see them pop up on his new CW music competition show, The Next.
“I think we’re going to try to make it happen towards the live episodes,” Joe recently told us. “So if it works out schedule wise and the lining up of our music, absolutely.”
Now back to Married to Jonas. Kevin says one of the many things we’ll see on his and wife Dani’s new series is their planning on having kids. “It’s still a conversation,” Dani says.
“I can’t wait!” Kevin said. “But we would like to have the time to spend with them, so we’re planning on waiting for the right moment.”

So how many kids does the happy couple want? Kevin smiled, “She would like four, I said two, so we’re compromising on three.”
Married to Jonas premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m. on E!




08/16/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas arrives on the doorstep of a lucky superstar in training.

The series premiere of The Next is TONIGHT at 9/8c!

08/16/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas Previews TV’s Next Singing Contest: ‘It’s Definitely a Shock Sometimes’

The CW is branching out beyond its signature sexy teens and addictive supes with a singing competition titled The Next, which launches tonight at 9/8c. But how exactly does this new musical offering stand out among those already on the market, including American Idol, The Voice and The X Factor? TVLine posed that very question to Next mentor Joe Jonas, and he made clear the differences between the veteran shows and this fresh venture.

But before we get to that, here’s how The Next nets out: The CW’s singing competition follows four recording artist mentors — Jonas plus Nelly, Gloria Estefan and John Rich — as they scout out talent all across the nation and then immerse themselves in the day-to-day lives of a chosen few, as they ready them for their sing-offs.

Each week the four “discovered” competitors in each city will compete against each other at a local venue, after which the in-person audience chooses which one will move on to the finals in Los Angeles. Ultimately, after several rounds of live sing-offs in L.A. and viewer voting, only one will be named “The Next” big music sensation.

Now, Jonas breaks down a few reasons why The Next sets itself apart from the pack.

THERE IS MENTORING, NOT JUDGING | Unlike the bickering — and sometimes vicious — judges on other competition shows, the Disney alum and his peers are on hand to help and mold the contestants. (So yes, it’s a little Voice-like, but not quite.) “We don’t really choose the talent, but we do have input,” he explains. “When they do their live performances, we have to be pretty honest with them, whether it was bad or good, in order to make sure that it goes over well.”

THE AUDIENCE GETS AN IMMEDIATE VOTE | Gone are many of the “dial in after the show” moments typical to this genre. Instead, the crowd witnessing the opening rounds of sing-offs cast their votes right then and there, and one of the four performers is crowned at episode’s end. It is because of that wrinkle, Jonas says, that The Next has some edge. “It’s definitely a shock sometimes,” he recounts. “[I never know] how [my contestants] will do with an audience — and then they blow me out of the water!”

IT HAS (FUN) PERSONALITY | “We don’t really take ourselves too seriously,” Jonas says of the team of mentors. “You have people like Gloria Estefan on a tractor, and Nelly selling sunglasses at a Sunglass Hut… just really hilarious stuff that you wouldn’t expect. It’s great television.”



08/16/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas celebrates birthday at after party fot “The Next”

08/15/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Happy 23rd Birthday Joe Jonas!

Happy Birthday Joe

08/14/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas Talks New Show The Next


Joe Jonas is jumping into the world of reality TV, mentoring on his new CW reality singing competition, “The Next.”

The 22-year-old (who celebrates his birthday on Wednesday) stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Monday, where he chatted about his new show that also includes fellow mentors Gloria Estefan, hip-hop performer Nelly and country star John Rich.

“We’re jumping into these people’s lives,” he told Kit Hoover and guest co-host Shaun Robinson on Monday, explaining that “The Next” mentors become part of the contestant’s lives, even partaking in their day jobs.

“It’s been the craziest things. I’ve been babysitting 15 kids. We’ve had Gloria Estefan riding tractors, bizarre situations to be thrown into, but it makes for great television and a lot of heartfelt stories too,” he continued. “We’re able to really get to know those artists and what drives them personally… We’re there to kind of encourage them… I know the ups and downs of this stuff.”

Adding, “The talent has actually been incredible.”

And would Joe ever consider continuing his own reality TV work on “Dancing with the Stars?”

“I would do it. It would be awesome,” he said of the ABC show. “I think I have been asked, but I was a little busy, but I’d be up for it, why not?”

In related Jonas Brothers news, Kit and Shaun also asked Joe about his brother Nick possibly heading to “American Idol” as a judge.

“Yeah, I hope so… I think he would be great at it,” he said, explaining that having his brother on another singing reality competition is a good thing. “I think it kind of helps the band in general… At the end of the day it can only help the brothers.”

Joe also weighed in on 2012’s biggest boy band, One Direction, who performed at the Olympic Closing Ceremony in London on Sunday night.

“I think they’re amazing,” he said of the British group. “They’ve got really good hair, so keep it up!”

“The Next” premieres on Thursday at 9 PM on The CW.




08/8/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

“The Next” taping in Dallas, Texas – 08/07

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