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Who is Joe?

Joe Jonas was born Joseph Adam Jonas in
Casa Grande, Arizona, on August 15, 1989.
Joe rose to fame as a member of the boy band
the Jonas Brothers, and has gone on to appear
in Disney Channel original movies and
guest-star on television.
Joseph’s original plan, before becoming a singer,
was slightly different than his brothers. He first
dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to
audition for sketch comedy shows, but he was
always attached to music and loved listening to
different kinds of music, especially rock. In his
spare time he enjoys jogging and working out.
His favorite color is blue, and some of Joe’s
favorite foods are Chicken cutlet sandwiches
with mayo, and Chocolate marshmallow ice cream.
His favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber, and
he enjoys the sport Wiffel Ball.

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Fan of the Month

Name: Stefy • Age: 18 • Country: Argentina

Why are you a Joe Jonas fan? Many people don't
know him, speak ill of him and invent bad name but
the truth is... He's great. He's a fun, kind, friendly
and humble person. Joe worked hard for everything
he has and he deserves it. I'll be honest, he's very
talented and I like the way he sings, I like his songs,
but I'm not a fan of his music but him as a person.
I don't know if Joe inspires people, I just know that
he inspires me and beyond all, I'm proud to have
heard of him seven years ago, 'cause ever since my
life has changed. I never met him but I went to some
of his concerts and I tried to do everything to meet
him, I never before used to talk to strangers or risk
everything. I don't know why but I thought if I helped
others and if I did good deeds, I would meet him.
Honestly, I don't know why I thought that but now,
I'm very thankful, because I'm different, I'm a better
person because of him. The way in which he didn't
surrender, inspired me. The way he has courage to
go on, gave me courage. He should not change, and
he has not to pretend to be someone else, because
Joe is amazing just the way he is. JOE, BE HAPPY.

Why do you wanna be the Fan of the Month? I have
so many reasons, but I prefer to start from the
beginning. I saw Joe on TV for the first time seven
years ago. I remember I saw on TV a video called
“Kids of the future” by a new band called ‘Jonas
Brothers’ and I just asked me: ‘Who are they?’.
As time went on... Read full story>>
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06/15/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

The Choice: Joe Jonas Stumbles Over Virginity Question.

Joe Jonas: ‘The Choice’ Question That Had Him Speechless

‘The Choice': Joe Jonas Stumbles Over Virginity Question


Did you watch Joe Jonas on The Choice?

Did you ever think Joe could be at a loss for words?

One of the contestants asked a pretty awkward question of Joe and you can tell he was trying to be diplomatic… and a gentleman.

Despite the fumble, he did pretty well.

So, what had Joe tongue-tied?

One contestant noted that she was a virgin and asked him what he thought of that.

He responded, “Oh… wow… I did not expect that!” He added, “If you’re waiting for the right person, that’s special.”

He also offered up his chair to his date, so big gentleman-y gestures all around from Joe.





06/14/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas Interview – What He Looks For In His Dream Girl!


Joe Jonas reveals what he is looking for in a girlfriend!


06/13/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas: The Choise – Preview from thursday 6/14

06/11/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Nick

Joe & Nick Jonas: Partying Pair


Joe Jonas posted a photo of himself and his brother Nick on his Twitter page on Saturday (June 9). The pair have been vacationing in the Bahamas.

According to E! News – the brothers visited the casino at the Atlantis in Nassau on Wednesday night and stayed unrecognized for awhile. A source revealed that Joe was dressed in a pink polo, while Nick was in a brown sports coat and white shirt. Three security guards accompanied them as they went straight to the ATM upon arrival.

The source continued, “A pretty fan girl walked up to Joe and asked if he really was who he was. He confirmed his identity, but when the fan asked Joe for a hug he just said, ‘I’ll shake your hand.’

” The brothers then partied at the Dragon’s Lounge club at the casino.”

It’s pretty ritzy. They were dancing in a roped-off VIP section and around 1 a.m. they left with a huge entourage of all guys, including Ugly Betty alumni Michael Urie who was rocking a highlighter-yellow polo. While they were leaving, fans started to notice it was them and started chasing after them. It was mostly teen girls with some guys mixed in, but they [chased] them…and the guys happily posed for pictures in the lobby of the hotel.”

Meanwhile Joe has a new project coming up. He’ll be one of the mentors on the new CW series The Next: Fame is At your Doorstep.

“I’m really excited about it,” Joe told Ryan Seacrest. “I’m going to be moving in with someone. The judges will be going to different cities in the state. There will be four people auditioning in each city and these artists are going to be either people that had a chance in the past, maybe they possibly got dropped from a record label. Also there will be people that are local stars or local celebrities.”

The other mentors are Gloria Estefan, Nelly and John Rich. The show will premiere on August 16th!




06/9/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe, Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Nick

Jonas Brothers hit the Bahamas


Oh sweet summertime in Hollywood…you never know when (or where) Tinseltown’s hottest will catch you by surprise!

We’re used to seeing the oh-so-sexy Joe Jonas hanging at H’wood hot spots with bromance buddy Wilmer Valderrama, but this time the eldest JoBro hit the Bahamas with his brother Nick Jonas for a little R&R.

So, just how many chickies were by their side as the JoBros flashed their steamy Bahama bods? And why oh why were Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Love Hewitt casually kicking it with drag queens?!

Around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, Nick and Joe Jonas hit up the casino at the Atlantis in Nassau and stayed very under the radar.

According to our savvy Bahamas source, Joe was dressed in a pink polo, while Nick was in a brown sports coat and white shirt and rocking a buzz cut. They were flying solo at the casino with three large security guards and went straight to the ATM upon arrival.

And turns out, the JoBros don’t have quite the following in the Bahamas (or maybe they are all just fans of Kevin?!), because no one seemed to notice these famous siblings even with their protective security guards in tow!

But as much as the bros tried to lie low, one lucky gal spotted the sexy singers and approached them: “A pretty fangirl walked up to Joe and asked if he really was who he was,” our insider witnessed. “He confirmed his identity, but when the fan asked Joe for a hug he just said, ‘I’ll shake your hand.'”

Hmm…wonder what’s up with that? Aren’t you supposed to have that relaxed Bahama vibe on vacay, Mr. Jonas?

Anyway…the dudes then disappeared for a while before posting up in the Dragon’s Lounge club in the casino, where they flaunted their celebrity status (so much for staying incognito!):

“It’s pretty ritzy,” our source said of the club. “They were dancing in a roped-off VIP section and around 1 a.m. they left with a huge entourage of all guys, including Ugly Betty alumni and future Partner’s star Michael Urie—who was rocking a highlighter-yellow polo.”

And before long, the giddy fangals discovered where the dudes were hanging: “While they were leaving, fans started to notice it was them and started chasing after them,” witnessed our Bahama insider. “It was mostly teen girls with some guys mixed in, but they [chased] them…and the guys happily posed for pictures in the lobby of the hotel.”

Well that all sounds pretty innocent and friendly, right? But back in Hollywood, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Love Hewitt were hardly as G-rated…

J.Hutch and J.Love hit up West Hollywood hot spot Hamburger Mary’s Wednesday evening for the restaurant’s weekly game of drag queen bingo. Jennifer arrived with a large group of friends, casually dressed with her hair down and sporting a hipster beanie, while Josh arrived with a separate crew in a T-shirt and jeans.

In honor of L.A.’s Gay Pride celebrations this weekend, Josh was the game’s celebrity guest. Straight But Not Narrow, the anti-bullying organization that Josh is heavily involved with, sponsored the event. Fans went crazy for The Hunger Games star, screaming “Peeta, Peeta” as J.Hutch, who had a huge smile on his face the whole night, called out the bingo numbers.

So friggin’ cool that J.Hutch supports a cause so close to his heart! After this latest sighting, we’re officially convinced Peeta might be perfect.




06/7/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas, Donald Trump Deny Miss USA Pageant ‘Rigged’

‘Miss (Rhode Island) USA won fair and square,’ pageant judge Jonas tweets amid cheating allegations from contestant.

There’s been some major controversy surrounding Sunday’s Miss USA competition. Rhode Island’s Olivia Culpo went home the winner, but one of her fellow beauty queens wasn’t satisfied with that outcome.

After Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, gave up her state crown saying the show was rigged, pageant officials claimed that she actually gave up the crown because she didn’t like the idea of competing against transgendered contestants. It was the first time Miss USA had allowed transgendered contestants to compete. The organization released an email they assert is from Monnin in which she complains about the decision to include transgendered individuals.

For her part, Monnin addressed her departure from the organization on her Facebook page, maintaining her allegations of cheating. “I have decided to resign my position as Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012. Effective immediately I have voluntarily, completely, and utterly removed myself from the Miss Universe Organization,” she wrote. “In good conscience I can no longer be affiliated in any way with an organization I consider to be fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent, and in many ways trashy. I do not support this system in any way.

“In my heart I believe in honesty, fair play, a fair opportunity, and high moral integrity, none of which in my opinion are part of this pageant system any longer,” she added.

Monnin alleges that she saw a list of the top five finalists the morning of June 3, before the show even began. She reportedly resigned on Monday, according to CNN.

Pageant officials call her claims “false,” and in an interview with “Good Morning America,” Miss USA head honcho Donald Trump opened up about all the controversy, USA Today reports.

“It’s loser’s remorse. If you look at her … you understand why she’s not in the Top 15,” he stated, further calling her allegations “totally ridiculous.”

When asked about the rumor that she took issue with the transgendered contestants now being allowed to compete, he added, “I don’t think she had an issue with that. I think her primary issue is she lost and she’s angry about losing. In my opinion, I saw her for barely a second — she didn’t deserve to be in the top 15.”

As the controversy continues, one of the show’s judges, Joe Jonas, has denied Monnin’s claims that the pageant’s outcome was predetermined. He tweeted, “All I can say … is the Miss USA competition was NOT rigged. Miss (Rhode Island) USA won fair and square.”




05/31/12 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

New picture of Joe Jonas

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