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Name: Stefania • Age: 18 • Location: Argentina

Why are you a Joe Jonas fan? Many people don't
know him, speak ill of him and invent bad name but
the truth is... He's great. He's a fun, kind, friendly
and humble person. Joe worked hard for everything
he has and he deserves it. I'll be honest, he's very
talented and I like the way he sings, I like his songs,
but I'm not a fan of his music but him as a person.
I don't know if Joe inspires people, I just know that
he inspires me and beyond all, I'm proud to have
heard of him seven years ago, 'cause ever since my
life has changed. I never met him but I went to some
of his concerts and I tried to do everything to meet
him, I never before used to talk to strangers or risk
everything. I don't know why but I thought if I helped
others and if I did good deeds, I would meet him.
Honestly, I don't know why I thought that but now,
I'm very thankful, because I'm different, I'm a better
person because of him. The way in which he didn't
surrender, inspired me. The way he has courage to
go on, gave me courage. He should not change, and
he has not to pretend to be someone else, because
Joe is amazing just the way he is. JOE_BEHAPPY.

Why do you wanna be the Fan of the Month? I have
so many reasons, but I prefer to start from the
beginning. I saw Joe on TV for the first time seven
years ago. I remember I saw on TV a video called
“Kids of the future” by a new band called ‘Jonas
Brothers’ and I just asked me: ‘Who are they?’.
As time went on... Read full story>>
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02/14/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe Jonas and His Funky Cute Style!

Every time I see Joe Jonas, especially the way he is dressing now, I think about a guy I liked back in high school for a couple of months (yes it was only a couple of months!).

Why? Because they both dress the same, Joe and that dude I once liked years ago. (I wonder what the dude is up to now?)

All Joe needs is more funky hats and then he can be dubbed as ‘funky hat man’ like that dude had because the dude wore funky hats and still looked good. ha ha ha.. Joe is a musician and so was the dude.

The difference is, Joe looks good and that dude? well, not sure how he looks now. Not sure what the dude is doing except I wish the dude well…

Joe Jonas walks the streets of Silverlake, CA looking stylish and relaxed on February 8, 2010

and yes out of the Jonas Brothers, I do like Joe (if I had tho choose). He is just hot!

Source: Mom’s Word

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: JONAS

EXCLUSIVE! JONAS Season 1, Episode 21

We all thought the first season was over right? Well, I just got word that there’s one more episode still yet to air! The episode is called “Exam Jam” which airs March 14th. Go ahead and read the synopsis!

Tom warns the band that if they want to go on their next tour, they’ll have to pass their upcoming exams. When Nick fails his test, Kevin and Joe must convince his teacher to give him another chance.

Please credit Joe Jonas HQ if re-posting anywhere else!

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Nick

SO-M Exclusive: Nick Jonas’ Valentine’s Day Advice

Nick Jonas recently shared his advice for Valentine’s Day with us.

He shared that it’s best to just go simple and make sure it’s from the heart. And what song does Nick recommend for the special day? He took to his twitter to say: For Valentine’s Day I would suggest Michael Buble – “It’s Time”. Great music. You can check out his interviews with Rhapsody HERE and HERE.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day song?

Source: Shine On Media

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Jonas Brothers

We Are The World 25 For Haiti – Official Video

You can download the official video and the song together for $2.99 on iTunes.

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Jonas Brothers

Niall pens song for Jonas Brothers

THE Blizzards frontman Niall Breslin (27) is joining forces with US sensations the Jonas Brothers to write material for their new album.

The Herald can reveal how the rocker is making an unlikely alliance with the squeaky clean stars, who are famous for taking vows of chastity and steering clear of the usual vices in the pop industry.

The talented songwriter moved to London at the start of last month in a bid to kickstart a solo writing career — and seems to have got off to a flying start.

Made up of Joe, Kevin and Nick, the Jonas Brothers have sold more than eight million albums worldwide and have a massive ‘tweenie’ following in the States.

“Niall’s going to be writing a song for the Jonas Brothers for their new album and is delighted to have got the opportunity,” said a source.

“They may not be the coolest guys in rock but they’re absolutely massive in America, which is where you really want to be making a splash if you’re a musician, so it’s going to open a lot of doors for Niall.”

The former Leinster rugby player sparked surprise among fans of the Midlands band after deciding to go it alone in Britain, where he lives with MTV beauty Laura Whitmore.

Source: Herald

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Joe

Joe & Demi on Radio Disney (2/11)

02/13/10 | By: Stefy | Category: Nick

Big Rob Protects NICK JONAS @ HOB

Nick and Big Rob were on TMZ last night.

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